Publishing Choices

Welcome to Publishing Choices, the site to help you manage the choices you face as you decide how to move forward with your book project.

As a NYTimes Bestselling author who has published 8 books in every sort of publishing format available, and as an innovator working with sales and marketing to help folks make their best decisions, I thought I'd create a site to help you understand your options.

This site contains the pros and cons of each publishing model, from large publishing houses to ghost writers to any form of self publishing you can think of. I've also included a chart so you can see your options and make your decisions. Following that, I've developed a 'To Do' list for everything you need to do under each publishing category - a list I wish I had had before writing any of my books (knowing the order in which to do each task would have been so helpful). I've also done a Google search and contacted some folks to provide some helpful resources for you.

And, for those who want to see how I created a successful marketing campaign and virtual book tour, I've included my marketing materials for you to copy from. For those who want me to create the materials or develop a website and book tour, I've can also offer some help. And for those of you who need some coaching about next steps or writer's block or getting an agent, or whatever may be holding you back, I'm available.

Good luck with your book project. Just remember that the easiest part of writing a book is the writing. The good news is that with the Web, marketing your book can be very successful indeed.

I look forward to connecting with you and offering help in whatever way I can.

Sharon Drew Morgen Author:
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