Coaching With Sharon Drew

Do you face paralysis when you sit down to write - or even think about writing?

Do you get confused when you see the options and don't know which way to go?

Do you get overwhelmed when you think about getting an agent, or designing a web site, and are not sure of which options are best in your situation?

Do you have a company and a client base, and want to make sure you write a book that will address industry problems and get published, but no publishing house will accept your proposal?

How do you start? How do you overcome writer's block? What sort of publisher would want your book? What is the best way to market your book? How will you go about marketing your book when your publisher said they'd do it, and they are not?

Sharon Drew Morgen is the author of 8 books, one of which was a NYTimes Business Bestseller. She has used a small publisher, a medium publisher, and a large publisher. She has used literary agents and literary PR people. She has self-published a paperback and written ebooks. She has sold over 500,000 books in 3 languages. She knows the ups and downs, ins and outs of book writing and publishing.

Sharon Drew is the developer of the Buying Facilitation® model, which employs a decision facilitation technique that helps people recognize and manage all of their own decision criteria, and figure out how to make changes based on their own criteria. She uses this model to help sales folks, purchasing agents, CEOs and Senior Managers go through the change process, both personally and with their teams.

Her coaching style is quite different from conventional coaching models in that it is not based on behavior change but on a belief change, which offers you the ability to figure out for yourself what you need to move forward, and use your own skills to get you there. Call Sharon Drew for an introductory 15 minute session.

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