This is the website we developed to market my new book. We created a marketing template so people could promote, review, and share data about the book in a way that was painless and brainless, and give them all necessary choices at their fingertips. While the template, per se, is no longer live, we've recreated the materials at the bottom of this page. Feel free to use my ideas (please do not use my content) to help you develop your marketing materials. Should you require help from us in creating marketing materials for you, let us know.



You have great sales skills. Your product is great.

What is stopping you from closing all of the sales you should be closing?

[Hint: It's not you. It's not your product.]

The sales model is broken.

The sales model does not help buyers manage the behind-the-scenes issues they need to address before they can purchase your product. Now, in this insightful, sophisticated book, you can learn:

  • how buyers really buy;
  • how sales prevents you from helping them in the most efficient way;
  • new skills to help them make a buying decision.
Dirty Little Secrets

If you are not prepared to change what you are now doing, don't read this book.

Here is what some people have to say about Dirty Little Secrets

"This book is disturbing. It pulls back the veil: we’ll never be able to go back to the old way of just selling a solution. This book teaches us what has been missing from the industry for so long - how buyers decide. The ideas in this book are too big to push under the rug: it's sophisticated, but necessary for any serious sales professional." - Jeff Blackwell,
"Dirty Little Secrets takes us inside our buyer's decision-making process where we discover the factors they need to address prior to making a decision - most of them having nothing to do with our product or service. You'll discover numerous strategies to help prospects deal with these issues leading to faster decisions, minimal competition and more sales!" - Jill Konrath, Author, Selling to Big Companies

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